Mixed Media

De Bleeckere Julie

Julie De Bleeckere’s paintings cannot be classified under one and the same denominator. Her work, however, has a branch without being too far removed from the same theme.

Silent, mystical rocks, the transience of a pile of skulls stacked on top of each other, empty and lonely spaces: These are images that repeat themselves again and again in the work of Julie De Bleeckere. On the other hand there are her rather conceptual socially tinted paintings: a gun on a plate, a poison green protective suit, a gas mask, etc.

Time and again central themes are the lack of human communication and interaction, emptiness, resigned loneliness, as well as the almost ironic duality between protection and threat.

Over the years, the artist has adopted her own authentic writing. Lean layers overlap and leave room for transparency. This scripture does not appear to be forced in any way, but on the contrary supports and reinforces the stratification of its themes.

Written by Wouter Verbeke as found and translated on https://www.debleeckerejulie.be/.
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