Rudolf Vantilborgh, aka Ruvanti, is a Belgian visual artist. He was born in Diest in 1952 and studied higher art education at the Sint-Lukas Hogeschool in Brussels.

Ruvanti is an ethical artist, who uses his technique and his art to enlighten life and the voyage of life. He is fascinated by, and outraged by, the deception, the mendacity, and the confusion of our time. His works provide a requisition against these abuses. He points to the many idols, fallacies, errors and villains. To the world leaders who wage war, the religious leaders who prescribe absurd morals but who are guilty of pedophile crimes themselves, the intellectuals and art popes who undermine absurd or insane theories and arts. But Ruvanti is not only a maker of visual folippicas, he also has humor, self-criticism and – above all – the gift to evoke life’s question with a poignant simplicity.

Written by Frans Boenders, February 8 2004.

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