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The Art of Confinement with Fabrice Gallez

During these weeks of social distancing, Galerie Jos Depypere is thinking about a way to bring art closer to its collectors. By sharing a glimpse of the daily lives of our artists confined to their home and atelier, we hope that we can build an imaginary bridge between our artists and collectors during these weird times of Covid-19.


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Who is Fabrice Gallez? With the constant sight of photography and a constant quest to go further, a tamed patience to skillfully reach the irreproachable cliché, Fabrice managed, over the years to give a sense of stories to all his pictures. Fabrice is currently developing a new innovative approach to represent women where each of them evolve in an imaginary and abstract space. His current project is called: “Hermetic Wisdom”. To enter the hermetic kingdom means to enter another universe. Each image gives us a feeling of emptiness while admiring the beauty and purity of an enigmatic lady. Each of them evolves in an imaginary and timeless world where gestures and nudity are absorbed by a veil which is disturbed by skillfully mastered sports of color at times.





Has this situation changed your daily life? Personally, I learned something from the confinement. It has allowed me to get back to basics, to free myself from the daily stress and to get rid of some bad habits.


Could you tell us what a typical day in your atelier looks like? After a good breakfast I try to structure my day. This starts with a walk in nature, listening to spring time. This awakening nature brings me to meditation and inspires me to find new creative stimuli. Back home it’s time for some home and garden D.I.Y. In the afternoon I alternate in my studio between sculpture and photography. I develop and experiment with new techniques, in order to widen the range of my creations.





Has the confinement changed your point of view on art? The confinement didn’t change my perspective on art, it just offered new opportunities for my art. It allowed me to broaden my vision on my work. In this period, you must be like a sponge and absorb as much information as possible and express it in your own way. And to do this, I use objects or other ideas that are topical, such as protective masks, the degradation of the virus on our body, the droplets in suspension.





Do you believe that art can help people during this strange period of time? The purpose of art is to break down taboos and prejudices. Art has always allowed us to express ourselves differently, to use another language, to have a different look at current events,… So this is a good therapy to pick up and connect with things other than the confinement. Arouse the imagination…


Has the situation affected your own works? The current situation has not really affected my own works. I would say they are almost a reflection of this period. The characters that I photograph are behind a veil, which gives the feeling of a confined and sanitized world.





What is the first thing you wish to do when this is all over? The first thing that I will try to preserve is my time and take advantage of all the positive things that this confinement has brought me during this period. I’ll also be happy to share my work with others and be able to get together and discuss about it. So to see people again yes, but strangely, I fear this moment.




Some available artworks of Fabrice Gallez:



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