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The Art of Confinement with Giampaolo Amoruso

During these weeks of social distancing, Galerie Jos Depypere is thinking about a way to bring art closer to its collectors. By sharing a glimpse of the daily lives of our artists confined to their home and atelier, we hope that we can build an imaginary bridge between our artists and collectors during these weird times of Covid-19.


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Who is Giampaolo Amoruso? Giampaolo Amoruso (1961) might have Italian roots, but has lived, studied and worked his entire life in Belgium. His passion for glassblowing would start on the workfield: ‘Les Cristalleries de Boussu’. He would be a student of artist and designer Claude Laurent in ‘l’école des métiers d’art’ of the province Henegouwen in Mons where he obtained his degree in hollowed glass in 1978. Passionate by the art of glassblowing, he started specializing in different glass forming techniques. In 1992 he settled his own atelier in Boussu where he developed his own style of glassblowing. Since 1996 Amoruso lives in Deerlijk where he daily creates new objects. The sculptures of Amoruso are often colorful, but may be very sober at times. His detailed workmanship and expressionist design are particular to Amoruso’s style.




Has this situation changed your daily life? At first glance, the situation has not changed my daily life. As usual, I go to my studio every day. I was looking forward to my exhibition at the Charleroi Glass Museum though, which would take place in May. Fortunately, it has been moved to September.

Could you tell us what a typical day in your atelier looks like? I usually go to my studio around 7:30 a.m. to warm up the ovens. They take about an hour to get to the right working temperature. In the meantime, I prepare breakfast for my wife and I  to then return to my workshop to start a new work. This takes about four hours. The ovens are turned off at around noon. In the afternoon, a short 15-minute nap is essential. Afterwards I return to continue the cold work: drawings on the works and the engraving, which generally takes several weeks. In the evening, I take some time off to relax and play some music.





Has the confinement changed your point of view on art? I reflect on this question daily. Until now it has not changed my point of view on art. Maybe this will change, depending on how the situation evolves.


Do you believe that art can help people during this strange period of time? Of course, a society without art and culture quickly turns into a barbaric society.





What is the first thing you wish to do when this is all over? Visit my family and have a good drink with friends at a table laden with delicious food.




Some available works of Giampaolo Amoruso:


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