Christian Silvain at JIC Bookstore Shanghai and Beijing, China



Christian Silvain at JIC Bookstore Shanghai and Beijing, China

Exhibition Christian Silvain in collaboration with JIC Bookstore Shanghai & Beijing, China.

UPDATE (November, 2019):
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First-ever exhibition off Christian Silvain in Shanghai & Beijing, China

UPDATE (August, 2023):
For a while, painter Christian Silvain had to watch as a Chinese artist, Ye Yongcinq, gained recognition using his artwork. But as of August 2023, things have turned around. The Chinese artist who copied his work is being punished with fines and is facing public criticism. Ye Yongcinq must pay a hefty fine and also apologize in one of China’s largest newspaper. This situation is an unprecedented turn of events, especially considering that even Bill Gates owns some of the artwork created by the Chinese artist. These copied artworks were even sold at well-known auctions such as Sotheby’s.

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BREAKING: Christian Silvain wins unseen plagiarism case from Chinese Ye Yongqing in China


November 12, 2019, 19:00
December 15, 2019, 20:30
JIC Bookstore Shanghai & Beijing, China
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