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February 20, 2020

Founded in 1950 by Michel Depypere, Galerie Jos Depypere is one of the most authentic representatives of ancient, modern and contemporary art in Belgium.

Established in a small village called Kuurne, Jos Depypere took over the gallery of his deceased father at the young age of 29. Following his father’s footsteps, Jos Depypere was eager to continue his mission and to find new artists.

During this journey, he discovered young talents who shared the same passion for art. By seasonally organizing art exhibitions, Jos Depypere helped them to experience a breakthrough and established relationships with artists such as Pjeroo Roobjee, Godfried Vervisch, Koen Scherpereel, Christian Silvain, Giampaolo Amoruso and many others.

“No art without passion” has been the gallery’s mantra ever since. From generation to generation, Galerie Jos Depypere has therefore not only been known for its warm welcome and family styled approach but also for its distinctive expertise. As a member of the Vlaamse Vereniging van Experten and the AAEIA, Jos Depypere’s experience and know-how has allowed the Gallery to leave its mark on the Belgian ancient, modern and contemporary art market.

Throughout the years, Galerie Jos Depypere has strived to offer art collectors access to a diversity of ancient, modern and contemporary artists through curated exhibitions and art fairs thereby supporting the Belgian art sector.

While still in search for new talents, Galerie Jos Depypere offers a mix of ancient art of e.g. F. Jespers or even E. Carpentier and modern and contemporary art of inter alia G. Amoruso, KRM, Kamagurka, B. Pras, B. Ramakers, C. Silvain, etc.

Up to this day, Jos Depypere still believes that art is not only a passion but also an emotional feeling that can and should bring people together.

Today, Galerie Jos Depypere is run by Jos Depypere and his daughter Chloé Depypere who warmly welcome all whose heart longs for that same passion for art.



We want to express our appreciation to:

Art photographer Bart Ramakers and Sofie Baert for the artistic pictures and their patience.

Padoek Films and more specific Pieter Claessens for editing a short video revealing the gallery’s identity.

Quidous Graphic Design for creating a logo that suits the character of our gallery


In addition we want to send a special thanks to:

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