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Mort à Venise II


Artist: Christian Silvain

Year: 1980

Size: 60 x 50 cm

Extra information: Etching work by Christian Silvain (42/50 ex.). Published in book Grenz-Echo “Christian Silvan” p.39

Early Works:

In the early 1970s, Silvain began his “surrealist period,” strongly influenced by the work of Paul Delvaux that he discovered in Brussels museums. A few years later, he became friends with the well-known Belgian surrealist. During this period, Silvain experimented with etching and sculpture in marble and wood. Soon he organized his first exhibitions in Brussels and Paris, establishing his presence in the Belgian art world.


Information plagiarism case China Christian Silvain: read here

“Flying Dreams” retrospective exposition at Galerie Jos Depypere from 14.10 > 05.11.2023 (more info here)



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