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Surveillant II


Artist: Christian Silvain

Year: 2005

Size: 80 x 70 cm

Extra information: Signed and unique work by Christian Silvain. Published in book “Christian Silvan – 2005 > 2015” p.12

2005 – 2015:

Starting in 2005, Silvain focuses on black acrylic paint, often with large red, blue or white figures in the center – a confrontation with his past. As if each individual artwork depicts a passage from his life. A great emotional tension, tucked away behind a youthful surface. Drama in an enchanting setting.

The unbearable lightness of our existence… His powerful passion to create seems insatiable. An exceptional technical talent that allows him to achieve his goal in every single work of art. The driving force of his oeuvre as residing in an irresistible desire to survive. To not disappear into nothingness. “Rien”, “Nothing”, “8000 times nothing”, the obsession to paint a lifetime without purpose!


Information plagiarism case China Christian Silvain: read here

“Flying Dreams” retrospective exposition at Galerie Jos Depypere from 14.10 > 05.11.2023 (more info here)



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