Scherpereel Koen

Could it be that Koen Scherpereel (1961-1997) is the most typical artist of his generation? He died at the age of 36 and was the prolific creator of a many-faceted artistic work. Two thousand paintings, prints and drawings make out his legacy. He shared the colourful exuberance of James Ensor, but equally the tragic lyricism of Edvard Munch.

His work is characterized by a sustained aggressivity and the cold violence of the graffiti-artists. His early death prevented hum from reaching recognition: the works he has left have so far practically remained confidential, yet, they are well-known and highly appreciated by a group of collectors who greatly admire him. Scherpereel deserves to be counted among the most prominent painters of our time.

Written by L.De.M. for the occasion of a retrospective held on the ground floor of the Bruges Belfrey.
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