Fontenoy Frédéric

Born in 1963, Frédéric Fontenoy has been working on his first series representation of the body, considering the photographic gesture as artistic in itself. From “Metamorphosis” in 1988, he plays with the reference to reality due to this medium, and readily relates to the distortions of Andre Kertesz and “The Anatomy of the image” of Hans Bellmer.

In 2006 his work combines fictional, intimate scenes in the history of avant-garde artists and policies of the first half of the twentieth century as subtle as a powerful eroticism. It is recognized among the symbols which plays Frederic Fontenoy, evocations of the Second World War, and number of citations of surrealist works: space of photography fits well in time and simultaneously uses the collective unconscious .

Crucial point of these “scenes of the darkroom”: the photographer is also in the frame, the main male character. Grand officer of these stagings, this double devilishly imaginative and wicked madness seems to make its most ambitious expression, which is Art. The space of photography, sometimes multiplied by the area is deep, and this report double the photographer about it is not the least of its mirror games. Optical device, the Board of Frederic Fontenoy is a mental space which contains many more …

Fontenoy has participated in many group exhibitions and art fairs. He also had several exhibitions in Paris, Arles, Barcelone, Madrid, Milan, Budapest, Bruxelles, Berlin, Knokke, Ljubjana, London, Shanghai…
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