C. Leg

Painter and plastic artist, C.leg has been working for several years now the chiaroscuro in search of what remains in us most unfit for light, beyond lures and abandons, the entropy which accompanies the eternal antagonism of Eros and Thanatos.

This fierce struggle which the expressionists in their own ways translate so well into distortion and formlessness, is a difficult object to tackle for a painter with a realistic workmanship as the opposition remains strong between realism and expressionism.

As if this interiority could only be revealed hidden, relegating to a relative confidentiality a whole pictorial current improper for our contemporaneity.

It is therefore quite naturally, after a long work of informal, magmatic painting (as A. Erhenzweig may have called it), which was exhibited in France and abroad, that C.leg, in a figurative approach, pursues his work around this question of form and content. Questions which, although at all times at the heart of the artistic problem, are today exacerbated by our clinical and aesthetic societies, obsessed by the apparent need for presentation, packaging, from the visible to the sensitive.
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